Jayel Gibson - Tales Touched by Magick

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Jayel on Jayel

I am just Jayel from Port Orford. I enjoy giggling with friends, playing with my critters, and leisurely dinners at 'The Crazy Norwegian.' I like cafe breves in the morning and Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream in the evening.

I love the forest, seashore and fog that clothe the southern Oregon coast. I am a wanderer and dreamer, a student of Celtic history, folklore and faith, and an avid PC gamer. In addition, I write a little fantasy.

  • From ForeWord Magazine

    "The winner of the Indie Excellence Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction steers a sure course away from the wreckage-strewn shoals common to the genre..."

  • From the Bloomsbury Review

    "Jayel Gibson weaves magic with words."

  • From the Writer's Digest

    "...set in a wonderful and magical world. Yavie is the perfect heroine...smart and honest."