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01 - 15 08

Author is a Warrior

Fantasy author Jayel Gibson speaks with such authority on all subjects magical and fantastic, it’s believable that she liked fairy tales immensely as a child.

Growing up with an Irish grandmother, Gibson says she enjoyed hearing stories of the ancient Celts, and she loved how everything seemed so mystical. However, she didn’t actually start writing stories of her own until she was a junior in high school.

In 11th grade, her English class read J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” and she was so entranced with the book that she continued on with reading Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series, and, later, his “The Silmarillion.” In fact, one of the title characters in her book, “The Dragon Queen” is named Yavie, which, in Tolkien’s Elvish language, means “late autumn.”

On the topic of her high school days, Gibson describes herself as between cliques. She says she acted cool to fit in with the popular crowd, but her real friends were geeks.

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11 - 1 07

Hermoine Effect

Port Orford, OR (PRWeb) November 1, 2007

From television’s “Bionic Woman” to movie and book heroine Hermione Granger and gaming-sensation Halo3’s Commander Miranda Keyes, the leading ladies of fantasy fiction are realizing a new wave of capable and strong women.
Author Jayel Gibson is joining the entertainment trend and promoting a new era of fantasy from an uncompromisingly feminine point of view with her new book, Damselflies (Synergy Books, November 2007, ISBN 978-1-933538-64-8, $14.95). The third installment of Gibson’s “Ancient Mirrors Tales,” Damselflies
features the powerful female character Arcinaë, who utilizes her inner-strength to fight for an enchanted land, seek vengeance for wrong doings and ultimately save the line of the damselflies.

Gibson was driven to create this platform for fearless females in fantasy because of her own past frustrations with the genre, as well as from her experience with online role-play gaming. She is not alone in the female gaming
phenomenon. A recent study by the Entertainment Software Association indicates that 42 percent of on-line gamers are female.

“I have been a long-time fan of science fiction, fantasy and gaming; but as a woman in a genre dominated mostly by men, I’ve often felt as if I were on the outside looking in,” says Gibson, a former grade school teacher. “Popular fiction and culture tell women to look to a male hero for protection and for power, when it actually lies within them.”

Unlike most fantasy epics, women often drive the storylines and hold positions of power in Gibson’s writing. Gibson says she draws the inspiration for these powerful women from inside herself. In Damselflies, Arcinaë comes to realize she is the last of her race and the subject of ancient prophesies. In a quest to right wrongs, Arcinaë becomes a warrior and finds a love she never thought possible. Out of this love, Arcinaë is able to preserve the race of the damselflies through her daughters A’Janae and J’yorie.

“I am a very determined, self-assured woman, like Arcinaë,” says Gibson on the motivations behind the character. “I tend to seek out and fight for the truth at all costs, which is not very often how we see women portrayed in literature. Though Arcinaë is gentle by nature she does not shy away from her responsibility.”

Gibson currently lives in Port Orford, Ore., with her husband, and a host of furred and feathered friends. An accomplished author, Gibson often speaks at conferences, including Wordstock and the South Coast Writers Conference. She is a recent honorable mention recipient in this year’s Writer’s Digest International
Book Awards and will appear at the 2007 OryCon 29, Oregon’s popular science fiction/fantasy convention, in Portland in November. For more information, visit JayelGibson.Com.

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07 - 2 07

Rebellious Warrior

Port Orford, OR (PRWeb) July 2, 2007 — A rebellious young warrior and her renegade male companions are charged with the enormous task of confronting a hidden, ancient evil that threatens the fate of their home in Jayel Gibson’s young adult fantasy novel, “The Wrekening” (ISBN 978-1933538303, Synergy Books, 2006).

The second novel in Gibson’s “Ancient Mirrors” series, “The Wrekening” transports readers back to the magical kingdom of Ædracmoræ–home to dragons, men, magic and machines — where Yávië reigns as the Dragon Queen. The Queen’s estranged niece, Cwen, is a rebellious, confident and stubborn young warrior–the prefect candidate for a quest to save Ædracmoræ from unspeakable evil.
When the Dragon Queen and her Guardians discover the lost Wreken wyrm shards will awaken an ancient evil lying deep beneath the earth, they turn to Cwen to recover the missing shards before they fall into the wrong
hands. Male companions, Caen, Talin and Brengven the Feie wizard join Cwen on her perilous journey that tests both strength and honor.

“The Wrekening” also presents a bit of a love triangle for young Cwen, who is endlessly pursued by Caen, a thief by trade, and Klaed, a diplomat’s son. Cwen, however, has little faith in romance and refuses to submit to any man. Not until the fourth “Ancient Mirrors” book, “Quondam,” will readers find out whom Cwen ultimately chooses.

Gibson skillfully creates a heroic multi-dimensional character with Cwen, to whom teenage girls in particular, will easily relate. Though her outward demeanor is incredibly assertive and self-confident, Cwen is also a daughter in search of her parent’s love and approval. Prepared to fight for honor and justice, Cwen is much like a medieval knight, with a womanly twist. As battle-hardened as she is, Cwen also shows incredible compassion for the defenseless and can navigate Ædracmoræn society as a civilized lady with ease.
Readers familiar with the “Ancient Mirrors” series will recognize Yávië and the Guardians Nall and Näeré, Cwen’s parents, from “Dragon Queen,” but new readers will be able to easily enjoy “The Wrekening” without reading “Dragon Queen” first. With positive, strong-willed characters driving the plot, “The Wrekening” will carry young readers to a fantasy world filled with faeries, dragons, warriors and magic for a thoroughly entertaining summer read.

“The Wrekening” (ISBN 978-1933538303, Synergy Books, 2006) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit www.jayelgibson.com.

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05 - 1 07

Fantasy Epic

Author, gamer promotes female friendly fantasy fiction in new book.

Port Orford, OR (PRWeb) May 1, 2007 — As far back as the Knights of the Roundtable, medieval and fantasy-themed tales have idealized the heroic male. With more and more women becoming interested in fantasy fiction and role-playing games, as seen in the World of Warcraft phenomenon, it’s time the genre moved past the macho heroes and featured strong female characters.

Author Jayel Gibson continues to promote a new era of video game inspired fantasy fiction from an uncompromisingly feminine point of view with Dragon Queen: An Ancient Mirrors Tale (Synergy Books, May 2007, ISBN 1-933538-46-4, $14.95), a prequel to last year’s popular release, The Wrekening. Gibson was driven to create this platform for fearless females in fantasy because of her own past frustrations with the genre.

“The love of magic, legend and mythos fostered by my grandmother is a very powerful influence in what I write,” says Gibson. “I was raised on Celtic folklore and the belief that a female could rival a male in the realm of legendary heroes. Strong female roles are difficult to find within the fantasy genre. It’s time to provide readers with more dynamic female fantasy characters.”

Dragon Queen’s main character is the abandoned young heroine, Yavie. Betrayed by her lover, her siblings, and even her father, she must rely on her own strength and determination. She soon discovers she is the rightful heir of the throne of Aedracmorae and sets out on a treacherous adventure to claim her role and reunite the shattered worlds of her land.

Unlike most fantasy epics, women drive the storylines and hold positions of power in Gibson’s writing. Gibson says she draws the inspiration for these powerful women from inside herself and the role-play game characters she creates.

Some believe online role-play games are leading to addictive and compulsive behavior, with players neglecting their real lives for their virtual ones. While Gibson admits she once played online role-playing games for up to eight hours per day, it was characters created for these games that led her to write the “Ancient Mirrors Tales.”

Rather than sucking the energy from her real life, online fantasy games were an inspiration for Gibson, who stresses the beneficial and educational aspects of role-playing games for children and adults alike.

A former teacher with a Masters in multi-cultural studies, Gibson’s research of medieval weaponry and Celtic folklore is evident in the historical detail she weaves throughout her stories. For more information, visit Ancient

To schedule an interview with Jayel Gibson or request a review copy of Dragon Queen please contact Amy Currie at Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists.

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